Thursday, July 27, 2006

Corporate Finance

With due respect to the authors of our Corporate Finance textbook, I must say that I fail to understand/appreciate their morbid obsession with excreta. I had a chance to look into 3 problems in the book as part of our homework and all of them had something to do with this unpleasant thing. Sample this. The book asks you to imagine yourself as the CFO of Pigpen services, General Composts and yet another sewage company whose name I promptly forgot.

Accepted that we find (and will find) ourselves in "deep shit" having taken this course. However, I believe that there are subtler ways of driving the point home.


LeoGirl said...

this is hilarous.. came across u r blog lookin through isb.. just cant stop laughing at this post :) Good luck for ur term!!

LeoGirl said...
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LeoGirl said...

Yes they r true. Even though they sound bizarre. The main reason u dont see my name anywhere in the blog is bcos i dont want to get sued by guys for slandering their image unlike my frnd who things its big deal.
Btw all the corporate strategy and planning am glad i made u laugh.

LeoGirl said...

Those are not my lines yaar it is promo of movie "Kabhi Alvida na kehna".I think karan johar must have penned it.Too filmy for my taste.

If i love him at 20 am sure i will still love him at 40 maybe not the same way but definetly love him. Unless he is chasing teenage girls and prefers them over a menopuasal wife. Failure or not 20 years down the line i will be too old to run around look for soulmate with arthites am sure.

If u have been passionately madly in love with some one and destiny has moved u apart u will realise that u never stopping loving that person u just learn to love them differantly. That is if we r honestly enough to admit it. Most of us just thrash our Ex and try to hate them and visualise them as monsters. Marriage makes sure that u learn to love them in million differant ways.

What u wrote is not phil just too heavy duty i had to read it more than once to get a hang of u r flow of conversation. For a second i thought i have an IQ of an ANT.

Just Curious.y do think am an Ex-ISB??