Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Are you an Accountant?

Here is a test to check whether you are one.

Choose the best option:

(T - True, F - False, WTF - What The F*** )

Q 1: Profit of a company is considered as its liability (T/F/WTF)

Q 2: Loss for a company is counted in as an asset (T/F/WTF)

Q 3: A balance sheet showing a high balance would mean that the company is healthy (T/F/WTF)

If you took the common sense route and answered the first two questions with a "False, (obviously)", you are not an accountant. "True" for both, and you are one. Oh! About the third question - if you had not shouted (and marked) WTF, you are not an accountant. (It doesn't mean accountants occasionally shout WTF when confronted with Q's).

Pretty easy, eh?

Darn! For Chrissake, if accountancy means that one will have to defy dictionary meanings of most of the jargon one has been spewing around as a techie (such as credit, debit, asset, liability etc), it definitely sends a shiver down the spine.

Well. All these after attending ONE pre-term class on Financial Accounting. Wonder what the other courses have in store for me.


Karthik said...

Had a similar question today. I feel the terms mean different to a manager and entirely different to an accountant. The question is who want to be...lieve!!

Venkat said...

This is just the begining:)))))) Trust me accounting is a lot of fun especially as you would discover that things are not what they look like.